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Used piano prices

It does not fit into our new home and now sits in our garage. It is yours to take away. You must provide your own transport and labor. So, we would expect used pianos to be offered at a significant discount to just buying them new from a dealer that delivers it to your house. If you are willing to invest in delivery and have the used piano inspected by a professional, you can save big.

We decided to compare the used price of the most popular pianos on Priceonomics to the price of buying the same piano new instead. The most popular pianos on Priceonomics are biased toward high-end models from Steinway and Yahama, so please keep that in mind.

Like any used product, a used piano can be damaged or defective. If you peruse through the listings of free and cheap pianos on classified advertising sites, you will find ample evidence that this is true. How bad is it to buy a piano that may be damaged?

Does it just need a tuneup or is it completely ruined? Is it difficult to tell if a piano is in poor condition? According to the Piano Technicians Guild :. If you are looking to buy a used piano you can save a lot of money. Like, seriously a lot. But, if you are willing to work for it, there are huge savings to be gained in the world of used pianos. This post was written by Rohin Dhar.

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used piano prices

Everything is Bullshit.City: Heverlee Country: Belgium Private seller. Kassman Piano. City: Warszawa Country: Poland Private seller. Drawing room grand pianos cm cm. For advanced learners, for small apartments, small houses.

The Top 5 Piano Scams - Piano Buyers Beware!

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Tresselt J. Neupert J. Schirmer R. Schnell R. Betting Th. Steinweg Th. Biese W.When you want to know how much something you own is worth, you can find out in various ways. When the item happens to be a piano, there is a bit more to consider. The piano is too big to take for an appraisal and it is also an expensive item, so you want the most accuracy possible.

You can determine what your piano is worth if you are willing to invest some time. This book offers an up-to-date list of prices of current pianos that are both new and used. It also has pertinent information on piano pricing and discount information. This information should be very useful when trying to find out what your piano is worth.

Hire a piano technician who can come to your home and look at your piano. He will know what to look for and can give you a realistic price. Usually he will also provide you with written proof of the appraisal. Compare your piano to other pianos. Compare more than appearance alone. Include quality, durability, current market supply and tone. Look in the newspapers for a similar piano that is being sold or that has sold. Compare your findings to help determine the worth. You can also look online at sites like Craigslist, under "pianos for sale.

Locate a piano that has recently sold and is as close to yours as you can find. A used piano is usually worth half of what it was when new. Then subtract any cost of needed repairs and multiply that price by.

This is not the best method, but many use it to get a value. Look in an piano Blue Book to see what your piano is worth. You will need the serial number, the date and the manufacturer name. Cheryl Hinneburg has been a freelance writer for five years.

used piano prices

In addition to the regular clients that she works for, Hinneburg also writes regularly for Demand Studios and Associated Content, and is a provider for eLance. She is an award-winning poet and is currently working on a Master of Science with a certificate in substance abuse counseling at Capella University. By: Cheryl Hinneburg Updated September 15, Share It.

Things You'll Need. About the Author. Photo Credits.Free Virtual Piano Appraisal. This Virtual Piano Appraisal is designed for those of you who would like to know the approximate value of your piano.

Quick Start: Click on the type of piano you are researching or continue reading below. I GUARANTEE that the time you spend will give you valuable insight as to what your piano value may be, and help you decide whether or not the piano has enough value to warrant paying for an appraisal. You are basically identifying: What it is. Read on from this point if you are not sure. Once you have gathered this information, do a search for your piano to find out what it may be worth. If you are selling your piano and have any of the following records, find them.

If you are buying a piano, ask for them. Service Records: Has the piano serviced on a regular basis? Tuning receipts are proof the piano has been well maintained.

Restored Pianos: A receipt for the work performed is vital to determining the value. It tells us who did the work, what was done, how well it was done, and how long we can expect it to last, all vital factors in determining value. The condition of the cosmetics will enhance the value of any piano, but the value has much more to do with the interior workings.

What would you pay for a beautifully shined used car that needed a new engine and transmission? But first, we need to know more about the piano itself. Pianos that may still be valuable even in poor condition Name Brand: You may own a world class name piano, such as Steinway. Even in the worst condition, most Steinway Grand pianos will sell for thousands of dollars, but how many thousands is going to be determined by the pianos condition.

Cost Of A Steinway Piano (Price Chart and Buyers Guide)

Other names of valuable pianos would include: Mason and Hamlin, Boosendorfer, Bechstein, Baldwin, Blunther, Sauter, to name only a few. If the piano has a name which carries such value, a Professional Appraisal would be well worth it. This example below is common Winter Spinet piano normally worth very little, but the ornate carvings and inlays on the case give it much more value than an ordinary case.

What type of piano do you have? Need Assistance?

Find a piano

I want to talk to Dave. How to get Top Dollar for Your Piano! Not all pianos can be sold at top dollar, but maybe yours can.

Sign up here to find out. Send Me the Info!Graves carries dozens of used Steinway pianos in every size, style and price point! We also offer you top-quality used Steinway grand pianos, used Steinway upright pianos, including restored Steinway pianos. Nationwide in-home service from our network of registered piano technicians.

Call us now at or the best selection experience! A piano has more moving parts than a car, with over 12, components. Make the safe buying choice and purchase from a reputable and respected local piano dealer like Graves Piano Company. It pays to be careful, and putting quality ahead of price will give you or your child the best opportunity for musical success and enjoyment. Interest Rate of 6. Terms are 1 year minimum through 10 years maximum. No prepayment penalties. Simple interest.

Graves specializes in top-quality used pianos. Every piano receives an additional full detailing after purchase, along with another concert tuning and final inspection by our in-store technicians. These technicians collectively have over 75 years of repair and restoration experience. Our large scale and constant trade-in activity allows us to offer you an unreal selection and big savings!

We sell over pianos per year to all regions of the USA. Your piano includes a full warranty, lifetime trade-up plan, and in-home service from a nationwide network of registered piano technicians! Every used piano we receive is inspected inside and out, tested, and tuned several times to make sure it will perform flawlessly.

It takes roughly 3 weeks for a piano to get tagged after it arrives at our warehouse, due to the lead time for inspection, tuning, and casework. If a piano doesn't meet our standards, it never goes for sale.

Once you purchase your piano we'll prepare it for departure. We can have pianos ready within 5 business days - freshly re-tuned and packaged for transport. We have our own moving team and trucks, as well as experienced, reliable nationwide contacts that specialize in piano-moving. We will handle all the details for you. Our movers and moving partners are:.Want to know what the average retail price is before you walk into a dealer's showroom?

Piano Price Point

You won't find published retail prices on most of the manufacturers' websites. You also will not find much information published on a local piano dealer's website. Piano dealers generally do not like to quote prices over the phone either.

They would much rather get you in to their store first, so they can have a better chance of closing a sale. It would also be nice to compare the cost of different brands and models in order to assess what is available before you venture out to several piano stores because only certain stores carry certain brands. Knowledge is power as a consumer. Although dealers obviously must mark up wholesale in order to make a living, in no way is the inflated amount consistent across the board, nor universally agreed upon.

This is the answer - and the only free publication to provide this information in the piano industry. However, you could: 1. Try searching online for pianos similar to yours - but it may be difficult to find comparisons with the exact brand name, model, age and condition. Furthermore, most prices seen in ads and auctions are simply asking prices by private sellers, which are usually not based on any level of market knowledge, and often misguided by wishful thinking, sentimental value or misinformation regarding the true condition of the piano.

Talk to local piano stores to get their opinion.

New Piano Pricing Database

This is why piano technicians and property appraisers apply several criteria to value used pianos: 1.

Sales Comparison Approach Comparing the piano with final selling prices of similar pianos of the same age, brand name, model, condition and market location. Depreciation Schedule A percentage of the price of a new piano of the same make and model, or one of similar quality and description. Since there is no used piano price directory or blue book as there is for other merchandise, like cars for example, piano pricing can be very confusing for most people.

For this very reason, we can help you determine the accurate current resale value of any piano, without the guesswork:. Prices of New and Used Pianos. Looking for a used piano price guide? See below. All rights reserved.

Virtual Piano Museum. Story of the Piano.The valuation of used pianos is difficult. Prices of used pianos vary wildly, depending on local economies, supply and demand, and the cosmetics and playing condition of the instrument at hand, including the amount and quality of any restoration work done. Art being what it is, beauty is in the eye and ear of the potential purchaser, and values are very much subjective. In addition, when considering a used piano being sold by a private, non-commercial seller, keep in mind that many such sellers really have no firm idea of how much their piano is worth, and have made up something based on little more than a wish.

Ask the seller how they arrived at their asking price. Fair market value is the price at which an item would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither of whom is compelled to buy or sell, and each of whom has reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.

Appraisers of used pianos and other consumer goods typically use three different methods to determine fair market value: comparable salesdepreciationand idealized value minus the cost of restoration. The comparable sales method compares the piano being appraised with recent actual selling prices of other pianos of like brand, model, age, condition, and location.

Generally speaking, this is the most accurate method of determining value when one has access to a body of information on recent sale prices of comparable items. There is no central repository for sales information on used pianos, and each appraiser or technician, over a lifetime, sees pianos that are so diverse and scattered as to these criteria that they are likely to be of only limited value as appraisal guides.

Exceptions might be technicians or dealers who specialize in used Yamaha, Kawai, or Steinway pianos, brands that have attained nearcommodity status in the piano business. To handle this problem, I and my staff have attempted to approximate the fair market value of pianos of various types, ages, and conditions by querying a number of piano technicians about their memories of comparable sales.

This chart is most useful for determining the approximate value of many brands of older piano for which it would otherwise be difficult to find enough comparable sales to determine a value. Understandably, however, the price ranges shown in the chart are quite broad. The chart is organized by categories of vertical and grand piano broken down by age pre and —quality Average, Better, Bestand condition Worse, Average, Better, Reconditioned, and Rebuilt.

For prices of pianos made sinceI suggest using the depreciation method, described later in this article. The price ranges given reflect the wide possibilities a buyer faces in the used-piano market. At the high end, the prices are consistent with both a better economy and a higher demand for the type of instrument indicated.

used piano prices

In some categories, the prices we received from our sources varied all over the map, and we had to use a considerable amount of editorial discretion to produce price ranges that were not so broad as to be useless as guidelines, and to retain at least a modicum of internal consistency in the chart.

For that reason, you should expect to find some markets or situations in which prices higher or lower than those given here are normal or appropriate. The prices given here for pianos that are not reconditioned or rebuilt those labeled Worse, Average, Better are the price ranges you might expect to find when buying pianos from private owners.

The Reconditioned and Rebuilt categories represent prices you might encounter when shopping for such pianos at piano stores or from piano technicianswith a warranty given. In some cases we have omitted the Rebuilt price because we would not expect rebuilding to be cost-effective for pianos of that general age and type.

In every case, prices assume the least expensive style and finish; prices for pianos with fancier cabinets, exotic veneers, inlays, and so forth, could be much higher. However, even Worse pianos should be playable and serviceable.

This offers an opportunity for the less furniture conscious buyer to obtain a bargain. For the purposes of this chart, however, we have adopted the requirement that a piano has not been rebuilt unless its pinblock has been replaced, and that a piano that has been restrung, but without a new pinblock, is considered to have been reconditioned.

Note that these definitions are not precise, and that both the quality and the quantity of the work can vary greatly, depending on the needs of the instrument and the capabilities of the restorer. The depreciation method of determining fair market value is based on the fact that many types of consumer goods lose value over time at a more or less predictable rate. A depreciation schedulesuch as the one here, shows how much an unrestored used piano is worth as a percentage of the actual selling price of a new piano of comparable quality.

Thus, this method of figuring value is best used for pianos of relatively recent make when the model is still in production, or for older pianos whose makers have remained under relatively constant ownership, location, and standards, and for which, therefore, a comparable model can reasonably be determined. Do pianos appreciate or depreciate?

It depends on how you look at it.


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