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Tex racing transmission

See all 26 photos. If you race on Saturday nights on asphalt, you are probably running a T10 transmission or some derivative of it. The T10 four-speed manual transmission appeared in passenger cars in the '70s and '80s, mostly in GM performance vehicles.

And components for this design are still being produced today, so parts are plentiful and you can stay away from junkyard shopping.


Racers like them because they are simple, relatively small, tough, and fully mechanical. But despite its hardiness, the T10 should occasionally be rebuilt and inspected for damage or excessive wear. If you race a full season, plan on a rebuild during the off-season to prepare yourself for trouble-free racing when the next season begins. Manager Tony Hancock says that since the T10 was originally designed as a street transmission, it requires a few specialized steps not normally needed for a race-only unit like the TA, but any racer with decent mechanical skills should be able to tear down and rebuild his or her T The first step, obviously, is to get a rebuild manual, but we also followed along as Tex Racing rebuilt a tranny for a local Late Model racer.

In addition to checking for wear and rebuilding this piece, transmission specialist Kevin Carpenter showed us a few tricks as he worked his way through this unit.

If you attempt to do your own rebuild or make repairs to your T10, you can acquire rebuild kits and replacement gears from many racing supply houses or directly from Tex Racing. When it comes to transmission upgrades, the first thing Tex Racing recommends is having all the gears and shafts REM polished.

This creates a smoother, harder surface that cuts both friction and heat. Once you've done that, you may want to get into lightened gears. You can purchase lightened sliders, which cut the weight from 2. A lightened reverse gear cuts the weight from 2. A gundrilled main shaft cuts the standard shaft's If money is tight, the lightened gear and sliders are much more preferable since the weight being removed is further outboard; we all know that when it comes to a spinning mass, the further out you can remove weight, the better.

Finally, you can use an aluminum reverse gear, which weighs only 0. If you are spun on the racetrack and need reverse, you are just about guaranteed to strip the aluminum gear. A final option is to upgrade to a roller bearing design main shaft and bearings.

This doesn't necessarily put more horsepower to the track, but it is good protection for your transmission because the main shaft depends on splash oiling.

The roller bearings can definitely help prevent galling between the shaft and the gears. As we said earlier, rebuild manuals, kits and replacement gears are readily available from many different supply houses.

Go get 'em and have fun getting your T ready for a new season of racing. Some wear on the shifter forks is to be expected, as you can see here on the tips. But if the wear has cut more than about 0.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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tex racing transmission

Lower 48 US states, does not include complete units. Log In. Drop us a line at: : sales tsr-racing. Search: Search. Exploded Views. Inst Sheets. Chevy TH Chrysler A Coolers and Fittings. Circle Track Components. Adaptor Plates.

Bands and Band Apply Hardware. Bushings and Bearings. Cases Extension Housings and Components. Dip Sticks and Tubes. Friction Plates. Gaskets and Rubber Components. Gear Sets. High Clutch Drum and Components. Input Shaft. Metal Clad Seals. Miscellaneous Items. Oil Pans-Filter Adapters and Extensions. Pumps and Pump Components. Rebuilding Kits. Reverse Clutch Components. Sealing Rings.I have one reman fresh mid valley transmission.

This is a race box, face plated straight cut gears. Just like the Tex t Real quality trans. Totally fresh. No disappointments. You will love this. Great price. I do have a whole chevy clutch, assembly, quarter master bell housing, tri lite throw out bearing, reverse mount tilton starter, chevy two piece rear seal flywheel. These are not included but I can make a listing for them. I can throw in the clutch discs 7.


Text me, we can talk Just trans and shifter are in the auction. I can throw in discs if u have to have them. Jaguar Land Rover are to close one of their production facilities in the Midlands JLR unions have already brokered a deal to ensure no job losses in the short term, but JLR are committed to rationalising their manufacturing across just two plants in the UK, instead of the existing three.

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Jerico Shifter Fabrication and Installation

Text me, we can talk.Tex racing Jerico clutchless road racing 4 speed, zero run time since being freshened by Steve at Champion Racing Transmission. Quite a few new internal parts including new gear sets in 2nd and 3rd. The tranny has a complete Cannaday shifter assembly with aluminum rod end adjustable shifter linkage, and a transportation stand. THE AA has unearthed a collection of bizarre European driving rules that could catch unwary drivers out this summer. Believe it or not, you're not allowed to drive a dirty car in Belarus, Romania and even parts of Russia.

In Portugal it's illegal to carry bicycles on the back of a car, and for some unknown reason it's forbidden in Estonia to overtake a tram that has stopped to pick up passengers. The BMW i8 does What the i8 also offers is ridiculous economy figures thanks to its plug-in hybrid power and thanks to the daft way official economy figures are calculated and now, as the i8 gets ready to go in to full production, BMW has revealed that the official economy figures have just got dafter.

This exhibition proves not only a celebration of the Volkswagen icon, but also an opportunity to learn a little more about one of its exhibitors — Volkswagen Brazil's design director Luiz Veiga. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Jerico Shifter Fabrication and Installation.

This project got started, well, as many do Tiger project. As you might expect with every project I do their is no escape from the "damn, should have left well enough alone. Some of the highlights. Different transmission length this may work out better. Different Shifter mounting location. Need to fabricate Shifter mounting plate. Need to fabricate Shift arms. All Rights Reserved. Content May NOT be used without written permission.

Use at your own risk. I have it just test fit to the bellhousing to verify that the input shaft is the correct length as most come with GM length. It's about to be bolted to a nice transmission stand I got from Allstar. Will make it a bit easier to work on while on the bench. Side View of the Jerico WC4 This is the side view, nothing odd here, just another angle to check things out. It pretty common except on older cars Well some anyways.

The bearing retainer is a nice but won't work since the new hydraulic throw out bearing need an outer sleeve to ride on, so need to order more parts. The transmission it came off of was a Tex Racing TA and of course nothing really would fit. BUT all the parts were really useful for getting things fitted up without wasting a lot of new materials.

If you have not seen this type of shifter it works with sliding 'rails' instead of swinging arms like a traditional Hurst or factory shifter. It's a bit worn, but seems like it will clean up. No comments about the Blue Ball Closer Look at the Long HT Shifter This is the bottom of the shifter where you can clearly see how the shifter rails work. The rod ends for the shift rods go right on the ends to the left.

It gets tight, but it's designed to fit with a little help from some spacers.The G racing 4-speed transmission is the ultimate in 4-speed performance.

This transmission can be built as a clutchless or clutch assisted model and has a wide range of applications. The G has virtually endless drag racing applications where a 'super duty' clutch assisted transmission is required. The gears in this model are extra wide to ensure long gear life and optimum performance.

tex racing transmission

This transmission can be used with a Long H-pattern or Vertical Gate shifter. Available options are a magnesium case option and needle bearing output. The magnesium case option saves approximately 6 lb. Excessive power handling is what the G is all about. This transmission is without a doubt the best value in 4 speed transmission technology due to its' exceptional power handling and low price.

How to shift a dogbox geforce t101a / gsr

Available with nearly any ratio you can think of, the G is the ultimate 4 speed. For 4 speed applications in excess of horsepower the GF-5R model is recommended. Call for Price View Ratio Chart. Build a Data Sheet. Secured Credit Card Authorization. Related Links.If you pay attention to the class, you also know that early on, racers were destroying transmissions left and right. After much debate — both online and in-person — the G-Force GA was allowed in the class, and seems to have cured what was ailing the class.

Surprisingly, the GA was not born as a straight-line product. Rather, its life started in the circle track world. It worked really, really well in that application. The Jericho was a good part, but was getting dated. So we took our circle track transmission, adapted it for drag racing and it has worked out wonderfully.

However, once we have a design, an adaptation can be made in about weeks, depending on what all needs to be redesigned. Generally, given about months we can adapt anything to anything. We had made T-5 stuff for a number of years before that for street stuff and light-duty road racing, so we adapted the T-5 with the dog rings and whatnot for the class.

Much debate was had over how to fix the problem, and many people had different opinions. Look at it today. We also surface grind all of our gears for percent tooth contact, which adds strength and makes for quieter operation.

tex racing transmission

When second gear speeds up faster than first, the back ramp on the dog ring knocks it out of gear and you just go down the line like that — boom, boom, boom — through the gears, and none of the gears ever cross neutral. The GA has a similar setup ed note—crossing neutralbut with clutch-assisted-gear changes, since the Coyote Stock guys are required to use the clutch between shifts.

Each gear slides on and off the shaft, and is held in place with snap rings. Another of the transmissions endearing qualities is its versatility. Really, no one else can compare to the ratio choices. If you mix and match, there are a huge number of possibilities. It took me two years to fully understand the gear chart with all the options that we have available. I build more 3. It was years battle proven combination before it came to Coyote Stock. The GA may be starring in Coyote Stock, but it has many other applications as well, like the new Limited Street class.

Nascar Transmission Mid Valley Tex Racing Gforce Jerico Hurst on 2040-parts.com

With such a variety of options, it can be tailored to, and optimized for, your specific combination. That will generate the best ratios for what you are trying to do. Some guys are running things like R.

It is a naturally aspirated 5. We teamed up with Mike Washington to put our project engine and GA transmission in a lightweight notchback. The car is legal for use in Limited Street and should be ready for testing by the time you read this issue.


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