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Hotbits suspension

Me and Saaber has both just changed out suspension to Hotbits Coilover and are using this opportunity to review this set of coilover for everyone's benefit The drive is not considered too hard as compared to Tein and any other coilovers. Comfort is still very much available. The ride is also not too bouncy. My first feel of the drive at the first cornering was The car also seems to respond pretty well now due to lack in body lag. Handling of the car is also very much 'tighter' now.

So far no one taken a ride in the car yet The settings is much harder than mine. I do not feel that my ass is countering anything on tight bends. But his bounces more than my car Tein would have killed my ass. D2 UK is having a promo going for 1. You mean you have not taken them for a ride in your car yet or you have not passed the test?

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HotBits Parts & Service

Tunnel Ram Carburetor linkage - Twin 4 barrels - mounted east west. Beehive style ignition coil cover - AussieSpeed Polished. Got the LS engine and 6 speed manual box in place and we can use all t Double shear brackets - rear coil overs Hot Rod Chassis by kustombitz on 30 May Recently in Victoria some engineers have called for the upper and lower mounts for the rear coil over shockers to be a d C heck out our range of street cams for Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. Kustom Bitz Video ad on YouTube.

Featured Products. Out of Stock. Chevy inline six cylinder 4 barrel AussieSpeed intake manifold - Holley Flange. Custom Header heat Shields - Custom fitted so it doesn't look like sheilds. Custom Headers - Custom made extractors in polished stainless steel.

Hotbits Suspension

Exhaust hanger - Side Drop - Side pipe attach - 4 Bolt design - for 4" pipe. Ford Crossflow 4. Gasser Axle - Drag Car axles - custom length Gasser axles - gasser straight axle kit. GT Shaker - Black version. Holden V8 Alloy Timing Cover, direct engine replacement part - raw finish. Your basket is empty. Currency AUD. There is More to see. Please click here to sign in or register.

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hotbits suspension

All our bolt kits are available for resale. Product Photos. All Kustom Bitz web site product photos are of the actual part and not a studio enhanced up image. We keep it real.My name is Greg Ward, I am a guest writer for Aircooled. Some of you may know of me from my posts in several of the Volkswagen related forums on the Internet. I have been racing these terrific cars for the last 12 years and hope to relay some of my knowledge on how to make these cars handle, corner, and stop well.

The following discussion assumes you are starting with an unmodified Ball Joint front end, and a Swingaxle rear end. This rear suspension design is notorious for not wanting to go around a corner fast, and has special difficulty with high-speed handling. At my first opportunity I acquired a Beetle with a Balljoint front end, and Swingaxle rear.

Hot Bits Performance Parts and Accessories incorporating Active Suspension

I then installed a reasonably mild cc engine, running compression and dual Kadrons. It had more than enough grunt to move the Beetle reasonably well and my testing began.

hotbits suspension

I believe safety to be of paramount importance — anything designed to protect me in the event something bad happens is a good thing, in my opinion! With the type of power and speed I needed to compete, I felt it was necessary to have front disc brakes.

Another must have safety item! It might seem extremely obvious, but I believe it is often overlooked. What do brakes have to do with handling, you ask? The easiest thing for me to do was to replace all the brake components with new hardware. I saw no real point in re-machining old discs and drums when the price of good quality new components was reasonable and they were readily available. This also meant I actually knew what I was starting with from the very beginning, which eased my mind.

I retained the drum brake system in the rear, but also gave it a complete overhaul. I installed new rear drumsSuper Stopper Rear Brake Shoesouter rear wheel bearingsinner rear wheel bearingsSuper Stopper Rear Wheel Cylindersreplaced the master cylinderbrake linesand rubber front brake hoses and rubber rear brake hoses or you can consider a sweet upgrade to Stainless Steel Braided Hoses.

Next I replaced the steering boxsteering damperand all the tie rod ends. NOTE: Treat all of the above work very seriously!Advanced Search Search Tips. Hotbits DT1 coilover is a revolutionary product which brings an affordable, fully serviceable, higher performance coil over system to the market. The DT1 offers the performance-oriented driver the ability to fine-tune a vehicles suspension characteristics to better suit his or her individual driving style.

Aside from ride height adjustment the DT1 provides the user with a staggering step external damping adjustment.

hotbits suspension

This one way valve allows the simultaneous fine adjustment of compression and rebound adjustment. Most entry level adjustable dampers only adjust rebound. Damper adjustments are easily accessible while installed making track side adjustments a snap.

The DT1 uses standard 60mm coil springs meaning spring rates and lengths can be easily changed to meet different requirements. DT1 is available for Street, Race, Rally, and Drift applications and spring rates are fully customizable upon request. The two-way valve system permits easy and independent adjustment of compression and rebound damping rates while installed.

The DT2 includes 2 separate knobs to adjust rebound and compression independently. They include a heavy duty 68mm diameter bottom fitting and big 52mm chrome inverted shock tube for additional strength.

โช๊คอัฟ Hot Bits byอู่ช่างทศ

They also have a 58mm strut housing for increased rigidity. For ease of installation and adjustability long external canisters are provided. These canisters also provide optimum gas volume and extra oil volume and shock stroke required to meet the demands of competition. The RSI damper includes 2-way damping adjustment with 35 clicks compression and 40 clicks for rebound as well as heavy duty Hot Bits top pivot steel bearing mounts and camber plates.

Similar to the DT1 and DT2 this coil over is fully serviceable and tunable and includes Hot Bits cold wound chrome silizium coil springs. Available in Race, Rally, and Drifting specifications. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! A Circuit Assembly Company. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. New Products. Add To Cart. EDC Cancelation Kit.

S54 Valve Guide Intake and Exhaust. See 1 more picture. Add Adjustability:. Product Description DT1 Coilover Hotbits DT1 coilover is a revolutionary product which brings an affordable, fully serviceable, higher performance coil over system to the market. Features: Oversized 58mm struts and 52mm shock bodies High-pressure mono-tube shock design with 46mm shock piston diameter Motorcross grade seals Up to step damping adjustment Superior grade CNC cold wound chrome silicon coil springs DT1 is available for Street, Race, Rally, and Drift applications and spring rates are fully customizable upon request.The reality is camber, caster, toe, rotation, and side loading.

Then you go over a giant jump into a tight right hand turn — fully unloaded to fully loaded in 2 seconds.

hotbits suspension

All of that energy has to go somewhere. This takes the single point of stress that is a narrow mm rod, turns the assembly inverted upside down and protects the damper. Now the side loading is spread over a 50mm housing and the damper piston is happily sealed from the elements.

The second way is to give the damper a higher volume of fluid with a separate reservoir. It takes longer to heat up more fluid and it cools outside of the strut. You can control how fast or slow that fluid moves into the reservoir giving you adjust-ability. I did. It sucked. I was making a pretty good show in rallycross and had survived my first two rally events on stock dampers when I started to work with Bilstein in Their sponsorship for us consisted of a set of inverted motorsport inserts.

Just the part on the left, not the whole strut on the right. It was up to us to have the strut housings machined as Bilstein did not make 1st Gen Neon struts. This was a miserable failure Read the complete Rim of the World story here.

The truth was the damper rod bolt shot out of the bottom of the strut INTO the CV joint on one side after the housing failed. I lost all the seals and bearings on all 4 struts, and my buddy Harry became my personal hero for rescuing us with stock spares.

As far as Bilstein is concerned, their equipment is awesome! It was the cheap housings that caused all the drama. Bilstein replaced the broken rod for me, later re-valved the rears, and those dampers are still on the rally car to this day! The combination being a set of Bilstein PT cruiser fronts that accept the motorsport inserts and a reworked set of rear housings. Even though it works, and was able to get us a championship winning setup, this hodge-podge mismatch of housings and inserts is not something I ever want to go through again.Posted by drivemusicnowNov 2, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors.

Activity Feed DSMtuners. Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Nov 2, 1. So here is my dilemma. I'm building a road race car, however I would like the most amount of "adaptability" as possible in my suspension setup, as I will be doing some other types of racing and street driving with the car. So we're going to assume custom rates and valving are needed for both setups.

From a design point of view, they're a better design. They also can be revalved in Michigan, which is helpful. Option 2 JIC Coilovers, "pre set up" however not tuned on car. Body Length Front Struts Adj. Most of the fast DSMs are on these. Mueller is a genius in his field, and will probably know what I would need without me having to play around with them. They have adjustable shock lengths, which is cool, however I don't know how much "better" that is rather than the helper spring system that HotBits uses.

I don't really like the secretiveness of not knowing what you're getting, nor do I like the fact that I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before I am told what is being put on my own car. Also, the JICs adjust compression and rebound together, which I believe when looking for the best track setup, is not as helpful as a single adjustable setup like HotBits offers. Ehh, if i'm spending this much money I might as well go all the way.

Basically figure a that for the top mounts from hot bits, they're aboutfor only the front camber plates from RRE, they're about So lets go I want to hear your opinions about this. All I ask is that you not result to "blah blah tried and true" or "blah blah I've heard JICs have teh magic" I would really like a technical and as logical reasoning as possible.Hotbits sports shock absorbers is a great addition to your car if you are looking for better performance.

We have hotbits shock absorbers for a range of cars from hatchbacks to full size SUV and are constantly adding more car models to our inventory. DT - Non adjustable shock absorbers. These are far superior to the OE shocks that come installed with your car. Great performance at a reasonable cost. DT1 - One way adjustable shocks that allow adjustments the compression and rebound independently. DT2 - Two way adjustable shocks.

These are adjustable two ways, that is, you can adjust the compression and rebound settings independent of each other. They are inverted mono tube shock absorbers. More infromation on hotbits can be found on their website. Contact our performance team at performance spitfire. Event Management Track testing Race support. Hotbits Suspensions and exhaust systems. Upgrade your suspension with Hotbits prescision engineered parts Spitfire is an official retailer for Hotbits A good suspension system is necessary to extract maximum grip out of your tyres.

We offer hotbits shock absorbers in the following variants: DT. If your car is not on this list, contact us to build a custom solution for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss a customised solution for your vehicle!


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