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2006 yamaha r1 wont start

Register Forgot password? The article by FX only stated a cure with an aftermarket controller. I spoke with Megan Yamaha and she looked up mazgetman21's service records. She called back and said that his dealer re-synched the throttle bodies. Megan did not offer to cover the re-synch of the throttle bodies under warrantee.

I have a 2003 Yamaha r1 that won't start from the pushbutton can some one help hit me back

Not sure if I can get them to do that. Care to share how you got 'em to pay? Anyone else who recently synched the throttle bodies still have the stalling issue? Thank you mazgetman I got the throttle bodies done thanks to Yamaha and found a round brass "stopper" missing from my clutch lever that I replaced posthaste.

Have not had a stall in the last 2 weeks. I also obtained a copy of the official tech bulletin from Yamaha so if they say it's not a known issue, you can hand them their own bulletin. It has something to do with the clutch switch.

My bike started popping and some times stall at low speed such as a school zone. I have unplugged the wire and the popping has all but stopped and it has not stalled yet. Time will tell. With the wire unpluged you will not be able to start the bike while in gear and the clutch pulled in. I'll be interested to hear the long term effects of having the wire unplugged. My understanding is that the switch doesn't "pop out" when the clutch handle is released causing a malfunction in the ECU.

I wonder what happens to the ECU when it thinks that the cluth is never pulled. How long have you had the wire unplugged? I just learned of it the other day. I just ran around town for a few miles. I did alot of slow stop and go traffic.

2006 Yamaha Yzf R1 Le Motorcycles for sale

That is when it would stall the most often. If I found a hole in traffic I would run the rpm's up with some hard sifting. It did not pop at all.

I don't know if it will hurt anything. I do know that stalling can get me hurt. It is pretty simple. It is the only wire going to the clutch lever. Just unclip it. Why it works I don't know.

I have a 2006 Yamaha R1 that won't start.?

Check out the Stratoliner forum on delphi. Motorcycle Club Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. Remember Me. Thanks for the info.Make Yamaha.

Model Yzf-R1. Only 11, miles! It features stainless steel head pipes and collectors as well as carbon fiber silencers with conical end caps. With the use of the installed Dynojet Power Commander, gains of over 14 hp can be achieved. Installation of this system shed 2. Also has adjustable link and adjustable kickstand for lowering or raising the bike. Introducing the exclusive limited edition R1 LE? Model YZF.

2006 yamaha r1 wont start

Huge power and industry-best suspension, even better for Features may include: Innovative Engine Design The revolutionary rearward-slanted-cylinder design of the YZF allows for a straight down-draft intake with a symmetrical port layout for smooth controllable power delivery throughout the RPM range. This engine design also achieves unmatched mass centralization, for light and nimble handling. Ideal Frame Rigidity Balance The bilateral beam frame features a carefully chosen combination of forged, cast and extruded aluminum pieces, when combined produce superior cornering traction and unmatched lightweight handling.

Model TT-R Model YZF R1. This in a great looking limited edition Yamaha R1 with a unique color scheme. The bike has like new tires as well as a tinted double bubble windscreen and rear fender eliminator. We've never had one of these in stock and we probably won't have another on for a long time so if you're interested, don't waist time coming in to see it!

I don't have time to ride it anymore and letting it sit is a disservice to a fine piece of equipment. Feel free to ask any questions.

I have the title in hand and am willing to negotiate. Bike 43 out of a total of made Worldwide. I've decided to part with my baby as I need to buy a second vehicle for home. This bike has been well taken care of and for its age is in Excellent condition, No Scratches, scrapes or dents. Just under 10K miles. Bike has not been down. Clear and Clean title.

The YZF-R1 LE Limited Editionwhich in addition to the more powerful engine and longer swing arm came with Ohlins suspension front and rear, forged aluminum Marchesini wheels, and a back torque-limiting slipper clutch. Each bike has a numbered plaque and this particular bike is of I am a long time bike collector and am paring down my collection. What you are looking at is an unmolested, museum quality motorcycle.

A new battery was recently installed and all fluids changed. Model Yzf R1. The original owner was none other than "Mr. Daytona" Scott Russell which I think makes it even more special.I had left the key turned on in my r1 over the weekend by accident. So i had to give it a battery jump to start it up. I let it run for about 10 min and road it around the block a few times. But when I took the key out and put it back in, it wouldnt turn on. So i jumped it a second time and my lights came on, but the bike wouldn't crank up this time.

2006 yamaha r1 wont start

I took my battery to a battery shop and they found out that my battery was at 5. I left it there over night and they fully charged it. When I put my battery back in, the lights would come on but the bike still wouldn't start up. I gave it another jump but the same problem. I even put the battery from my sister's bike into mine and still the same problem even though her battery is smaller than mine.

Does anybody know why my bike is not starting? BuGz, unfortunately i did charge it and start the bike up with my car running. And what am I checking for on the relay and the starter? This is BuGz again, won't let me answer you more than once on that screen name. First let me say to whoever gave my answer a thumbs down, you know JACK about motorcycles NOTE: when he described his problem he never mentioned jumping it off of a car I guessed that right off Note the size wire running to the starter on your car, and the size wire running to the starter on your bike Ever looked inside a motorcycle starter?

Its a different aninal than a car starter as well, easy to burn one up. I pull the panel off and the fuse box is right there. My relay is also right there, its a black box, about the size of a peice of bubble yum. It clicks when you hit the starter button. Yours may be black. First things first, check the fuse If the fuse is fine, then I suggest you find someone with a voltmeter.I own a Yamaha YZF-R1 sport bike and on this blog I will post my encounters with the bike while driving it, fixing it and make it look better and more.

Subscribe to my email list to stay updated when I post new stuff! See link on the right. I have the same problem. Bike starts good when cold but wont start when hot. Is it the starter?? Had the same issue and it was in fact the starter.

Any easy way to tell is when you try to start it and it won't, touch the positive wire from the battery, see if it's getting hot, if it is, then it's definitely the starter drawing too much current as it tries to spin the engine because it is in fact faulty!

And for whatever reason the heat amplifies the issue, and that's why it doesn't start when hot. I have a problem like that but when I changed the brush, the starter motor is spinning wrong way. How can I change the spinning way! Please help I'm I beginning in lifestyle R1. My r1 is facing same issue and also my engine suddenly cuts of while ridding if I try to push start her engine missfires. Has to be less than degrees before it will start again.

Plz tell me if you figured it out. You don't even hear a click? If you don't hear anything at all, you can take a screwdriver and short the relay under your seat and see if at least your starter motor will turn. If if does, then you have to look why the starter relay isn't doing it's job. Give 12v power to the starter relay and see if it clicks, if not, then it's the starter relay, if it does click, could be that the contacts inside are bad so that it doesn't give the power to the starter.

Here's my questionI figured it was the battery so I purchased a trickle charger. I charged the bike for 6 hours and according to the charger had a "full" charge on the battery. I disconnected the charging unit and tried to start the bike. All I am getting is a clicking sound coming somewhere from underneath the battery area.

I can't exactly pinpoint where it is coming from. It almost appears that the bike is drawing too much power somewhere. Anyone have any input? FYI, the bike started up just fine a week prior. Your battery has failed. Bike batteries last only years on average.

2006 yamaha r1 wont start

I am willing to bet that if you put a power meter on the battery to measure its strength, the battery would fail. If that is the battery that came with the bike.

Then the battery might be dead and gone. There could be a dead cell and the charger won't recognize it. You might need to purchase a new battery or the starter could have stripped gears. Your battery can not hold a charge needed to turn over the starter. The clicking sound is the starter relay. Get a new battery and you'll be good to go.

I agree that it's probably your battery. Trending News. Hailey Bieber endorses Biden — while dad backs Trump. Ex-Obama adviser: Covid infections 'going to go up'.

Trump turns power of state against his political rivals.A new fuel injection system was introduced for the year, which worked like a carburetor by employing a CV carburetor slide controlled by vacuum created by the engine. With a similar power output to the bikethe engine remained largely the same. One notable improvement was the use of new cylinder sleeves of a high silicon content alloy containing magnesium that minimized heat induced distortion, reducing oil consumption.

Also inYamaha released the newly developed Deltabox frame, which, with its hydro formed constructionreduced the total number of frame welds. The cooling system was redesigned for better performance and compactness.

The exhaust system was changed from a 4-into-1 to a new titanium 4-intointo-1 design. The rear end of the motorcycle was updated and streamlined with a LED taillight.

2006 yamaha r1 wont start

This also gave additional after market possibilities, such as to remove the front turn signals and use these front lights as directional or hazard markers while stopped. Forthe only change was fitted hazard warning lights and dipped headlights, which stay on all the time the engine is running.

To enter the diagnostic mode and check the existing error codes in memory, do the following: 1. Turn off the ignition, the engine stop button to put in the ON position. Disconnect the fuel pump connector. Once the dashboard displays the diagnostic mode d01 button to turn off the stop of the engine.

Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Complete Diagnostic Trouble Codes

In the range list from d01 to d59 performed a self-test system components. The inclusion of some components is made with the engine brake. All cells diagnostics above 60 — is the line diagnosis of each component separately. Learn more — see below.

To clear the error from the system memory come on line d62 and includes buttons stop the engine on the right panel. When you enter the diagnostic modethe display shows the cell [d01]. Press Select top need to go to the index [d60] self-test in real time and [d61] memory error and see the number next. And all the other numbers from [d01] and to [d60] — this performance of different sensors eg [d01] is a position of the throttle percentage at the moment, to twist and understand everything.

User Review 4 2 votes. Share this: Tweet.I Replaced The Air Temp. The Bike Is "Completely" Stock! I Don't Race, or Ride Wheelies! I guess her or his dad is not teaching his kid nothing. The Yzf R6 is a cc and a Yzf R1 is a cc. Therefore, A R1 has more torge and power, better handeling. A R1 is a awesome bike for more experience riders. It has alot of power. A Yzf R6, is more of a beginners bike which is stil alot of power, Dont get me wrong.

It just has way less power and less weight as an R1. Valves are out of adjustment! The titanium valves have a coating that wears off over time causing your valves to be way out of whack. It is an expensive repair. I know it sounds dumb, but did you adjust your idle screw?

It's on the lower left side under the fairing. It sounds like its just way too low and would cause stalls and won't start if your rpms are too low. Maybe try turning it a full turn clockwise and try starting it again. If you keep throwing parts at it then you will end up spending more than getting a mechanic to look at it, diagnose the problem and possibly repair it. Not all dealerships and mechanics can be so swamped with work that they can afford to turn down work. Trending News. Hailey Bieber endorses Biden — while dad backs Trump.


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